Int. Dutch, Belg. Lux. Danish Ch. GAYFIELD CHARLES BROWN, NLW '96+'97, BW '95+'97, LW '96,

22-02-1994   -   04-10-2007

'A Gentleman in every inch' and for always in our hearts. 

Charles  had a fantastic show career. He was winner of 25 CC's, 2 x BIG and 2 x BIS at the Belg. Ch. Club show. His last performance was at the Belg. Ch. Clubshow 2002 where he was BIS-Veteran under judge Gwen Eady. We, and more Dalmatian breeders, owe him a lot as he sired many successful children. Charles sired 13 Champions. Among his top- winning offspring:

 GWYNMOR LOTS OF LOVE, Int. NL, Lux. Swed. Ch, EJW'99, JW'99,BJS'99  Br/owner: R.& A. Morgans
 GWYNMOR LILI MAI, Dutch Ch.  Br/owner: R.& A. Morgans
 COMICAL'S DAFFODIL DIBAH, Int. Dutch, Belg. Lux. German Ch. NLW'96, BW'97  Br. C. Albrecht (DK), owner: E. Barneveld  NL
 BLYTHE'S BALOU V. ERASMUSHOVE, Dutch Ch. JW'96, BW'98    Br/owner: W. Fransen
 STARLONG SAM, Int. Dutch Ch. CW'98, BS'98+99  Br: J. Fatauros, owner: I. Zimmerman
 STARLONG SWEET SYMPHONY, Int. NL, Belg. Lux. Germ. Ch. World Ch.'00,JW'97,W'99+'00  Br/owner: J. Fatauros
 STARLONG SUDDEN SURPRISE, Int, Dutch, Lux. Ch, Eur. JW'97  Br: J. Fatauros, owner: A.& R. Morgans
 STARLONG SMASHING SUMMER, Int. Dutch, Belg, Lux. Swed. Norw. Ch. BW'00  Br: J. Fatauros, owner: E. Barneveld
 STARLONG SILVER SPRING, Dutch Ch.  Br/owner: J. Fatauros
 GWYNMOR HUNGARIAN RHAPSODY, Hung. Ch.  Br: A. Morgans, owner: G. Csekö in Hungary
 DALMO'S SECRET SURPRISE, Norw. Ch.  Br/owner: K. Greibrokk & H. Price in Norway
 JOYA DE LA LLIBRA CASANOVA, Span. Eur. Ch.'04  Br/owner: S. Bellés in Spain
 NAVARRO DELLA BELCORA, Int. Russ. Ch.  Br/owner: P. Pedercini in Italy

Bilateral hearing, Hd-B, Imp. UK, Breeders: Mike and Jacqui Bruton (Gayfield), GB

Jemblewood Playing the Fool

 Ch. Elaridge Playboy  Ch. Peroca Pride of Elaridge  Ch. Elaridge Endeavour
 Peroca Pin Up Girl
 Elaridge Enchantment  Ch. Golden Boy of Trumpeters
 Sernland Danielle
 Jemblewood Josephine  Calpe Chaperone of Rimpton  Ch. Knightstone Augustus
 Knightstone Chloe
 Jemblewood Jingles Belle  Clydevale Quizmaster
 Delbrook Jemmima

Gayfield Charmian

 Ch. Dallyvista Vee for Victory at Gayfield  Illyricum Targe  Ch. Olbero Overthemoon
 Illyricum Bellinda
 Ch. Dalmark the Daydreamer from Dallyvista  Ch. Dallyvista Drummer Boy
 Jewels Prima of Dalmark
 Gayfield Cassandra at Linkarl  Ch. Theakston Tamerlan  Ch. Beaumore Nightowl of   Theakston
 Ch. Olbero Onsdag Moln of Theakston

 Silver Jenni by Gayfield

 Ch. Dallyvista Vee for Victory at Gayfield
 Humbles Jenny