G W Y N M O R  D A L M A T I A N S  ~ L A T E S T  N E W S ~


Since joining Facebook I have not been very active in updating our website.

However, I will do my best to give a brief summary of the most important news of the last year.

More updates will follow.

Puppy plans for early 2016. More information will follow soon.


06-12-15 New Champion!



25-11-15 New photo of Heidi, taken at 11 months

November 2015



GWYNMOR HIGH FIVE TO HUNACRES (Heidi), loved and owned by Sue Wilkinson in the UK




11-10-15 Belgian Clubshow

13-09-15 NL Clubshow

GWYNMOR GALLAGHER, NL JCh. JW'13 (Gaelan) became NL Champion at the show in Groningen 2015

September 2015

26-08-15 Multi Ch. GWYNMOR UNDERCOVER AGENT (Jamie) 11 years of age!

June 2015

03-06-2014 Gwynmor H- litter arrived: 5 dogs + 5 bitches

22-03-14 Int. Show Hazerswoude

19-03-14 'Buevinkhof' puppies expected

15-12-13 Int. WINNER show in Amsterdam


Gwynmor Finch Hatton at Solostar and NL JCh. Gwynmor Gallagher JW'13

14-12-13 Ladies Kennel Association Show in UK

Andy Pratt's GWYNMOR FINCH HATTON AT SOLOSTAR (Deny) won his first CC under judge Nina Byles. Congratulations, Andy and Deny, for doing so well!


10-11-13 Ch.Clubshow Belgian Dalmatian Club


Gwynmor Gallagher 'Prince 2013' in Belgium    (photos by Heike Sent)

03-11-2013 Bleiswijk Int. Show


NL Jun.Ch. Gwynmor Gallagher and Gwynmor Finch Hatton at Solostar

06-10-13 Hitchin Open Show /UK

24-08-13 Strasbourg-Hoerdt / France Int. Show


Int. Ch. Gwynmor A Shadow In the Mirror

24-08-13 Rotterdam Int. Show

18-08-13 Welsh Kennel Club Show / GB


06-08-13 Paignton Show / GB

03-08-13 BDC Championship Clubshow / GB


Gwynmor Finch Hatton

07-07-13 NL Championship Clubshow


Gaelan at 8 months



Gijs and Ubu

30-06-13 Ginty



29-06-13 Windsor show (GB)


Chess and Darcy



Deny and Gaelan (8 months) at Windsor

13-05-13 Birmingham Show (GB)

01-06-13 Oss Int. Show


Gaelan at 7 months

02-03-13 Groningen Int. Show


Our brave little man 'Gwynmor Gallagher' at 4 months

25-01-13 puppies


Ginty, Gaelan, mother Chess and Griffith (below)



Ginty and Gaelan supporting the skaters in Blokzijl


16-11-12 Good news from Denmark


Success in Denmark for Target and Mufti

20-10-12 Puppies arrived


Chess and puppies are doing very well

19-08-12  GWYNMOR- puppies expected 


Ch. Gwynmor Chiquitita x Ch. Spotnik's Golden Globe For Oriana

10-06-12 Tilburg Int. Show

03-06-12 Bennekom/Gundogshow

23-05-12 Lynn


Lynn at 1 year of age and as a veteran

09-04-12 Leeuwarden Int. Show

04-03-12 Groningen Int. Show


Ch. Gwynmor Chiquitita BOB and Gwynmor Finch Hatton BOB-BABY in Groningen

01-03-12 Selwyn





Thursday 9 February 2012

Our dearest SELWYN passed away, 13 years of age.

Our ‘once in a lifetime dog’ and unforgettable friend,

who captured us every day again by his presence and personality.

We miss him, singing the Norwegian anthem in the morning,

we miss him, smiling and happy talking,

no more walkies and chasing birds in the fields.

How privileged we were to be his owners

and to share our lifes with him for all these years.

Thank you Helle for ‘sharing’ him with us,

we witnessed all his highlights in the showring,

now we treasure all these very special moments.

Selwyn marked an era in our lifes.

He will live on in further generations,

And we feel blessed to be surrounded by his progeny.

SELWYN, always in our hearts and thoughts,

Run free…



'Spotnik' flowers from his native country Norway and Selwyn with great-grandson Denys (febr. 2012)


17-01-12 Selwyn's birthday

Today we celebrated Selwyn's 13th birthday. He is still going, but not strong.


10-01-12 Gwynmor- F-litter



12-12-11 Wijchen Int. Show

06-11-11 Clubshow Belgian Dalmatian Club

23-10-11 Good news from Ukraine

20-10-11 Flier's puppies have arrived!



24-09-11 Maastricht Int. Show



Chess and Caio


Oepsss!!!....... 7 storks on top of the roof of the building next door and one on our own roof. A sign that Flier is in welp......????


03-09-11 NL Championship Clubshow


Selwyn, Helle and Ch. Elaridge Celtic Warrior

02-09-11 Leeuwarden EURO DOG SHOW


EW'11 Gwynmor Chiquitita and EJW'11 Gwynmor Dere Di 

01-09-11 Leeuwarden Nat. Show


Ch. Solbo's Kayo, Ch. Jilloc's Sugardaddy, Ch. Spotnik's Diva Deluxe, Ch. Gwynmor Chiquitita


21-08-11 Mechelen Int. Show

17-06-11 Brandy


12-06-11 Arnhem Int. Show


Chess BOB + BIG 2 in Arnhem 2011 (Photo by Heike Sent. Thank you!)

28-05-11 Danish Dalmatian Clubshow

22-05-11 Salzburg WAFDAL/Jubilee Clubshow Austrian Dalmatian Club


WAFDAL/Clubshow: Sugardaddy + Joyride and CACIB-Show: Sugardaddy + Chiquitita


21-05-11 Salzburg/Austria Int. Show

15-05-11 Goes Int. Show


Shadow in Goes and Gotcha 03-05-97.... 12-05-11

12-05-11 Rainbow bridge

30-04-11 More good news from Ukraïne

30-04-11 Queen's birthday


 25-04-11 Leeuwarden Int. Show

17-04-11 Good news from Ukraïne


Ch. Absolute Love Best Fairytale from Skovly and Jun.Ch. Gwynmor Dere Di 


14-04-11 News from the U.S.A.

04-04-11 Puppies

07-03-11 Black Monday

05-03-11 Groningen Int. Show



NL JCh. Gwynmor Chiquitita W'10 at 24 months

04-03-11 Polly en Pixie

02-03-11 puppies at 3 weeks




07-02-11 GWYNMOR E - litter arrived


photos day 6



photos day 1

06-02-11 DUO CACIB Int. Show Brno/Czechia


Ch. Eldritch Moon Ray of Naire and  Gwynmor A Shadow in the Mirror


29-01-2011 Mouscron/Belgium Int. Show

17-01-11 Selwyn 12 years of age today !  



Selwyn at 12 and still on top (photos taken 16-01-11)


01-01-11 HAPPY NEW YEAR to ALL Dalmatian friends world wide!


GWYNMOR- puppies expected 

12-12-10 Wijchen Int. Show


Caio BIG 2 in Wijchen and Chess NL WINNER 2010

Photos: Lex Iding en Alice van Kempen

28-11-10 Winner Show Amsterdam

15-11-10 Arrival of a new litter

27-10-10 Proud 'daddy' Selwyn


Selwyn's son in New Zealand and Gwynmor Chiquitita

23-10-10 Utrecht Int. Show

10-10-10 Zwolle Int. Show


Gwynmor Dewi Sant and Gwynmor Dere Di

 10-09-10 Gwynmor D-litter 

05-09-10 City of Birmingham Show (UK)


28-08-10 Rotterdam Int. Show

25-07-10 Update Flier's puppy page



Have a very nice summer!!!

10-07-10 Good news from Russia


05-07-10 Arrival of a new litter

30-06-10 Gwynmor D-litter arrived



25/26/27-06-10 Worldshow and Clubshows in Denmark

19-06-10 Uden Int. Show

Chess BOB and Caio BOS in Uden

20-06-10 News from Czechia

Ch. Enrico Bazzi Raul BIS-Veteran


19-06-10 Caio's offspring in France

30-05-10 Nat. Gundogshow in Bennekom


30-05-10 Mittweida reg.clubshow/Germany

22/23-05-10 Yamka became Croatian Champion 

23-05-10 Arnhem Int. Show

NL Junior Ch. Gwynmor Chiquitita   (photo by Heike Sent. Thank you!)


23-05-10 News about Caio's offspring in Czechia


Moon and his mother Ch. Alphadirato Eternal Love 2nd Best Brace in Show (out of 23) in Prague and Moon in Bratislava


23 and 24-05-10 Saarbrücken/Germany Int. and Nat. Show

23-05-10 Arrival of a new litter

16-05-10 News from Spain



09-05-10 NL Clubshow in Kerkwijk


Int. NL, Belg. Ch. Elaridge Celtic Warrior, NL JCh, JW+W'08, Eur.Sg'09, BW'09, NL Clubwinner 2010

Upcoming litter

Weekend 1/2-05-10 Montenegro 4 shows in 2 days

03-05-10 Gotcha 13 years of age


29-04-10 Upcoming Gwynmor D-litter

28-04-10 Arrival of new litter

22-04-10 Connor in Russia


20-04-10 Shadow


'Me and my Shadow' and 'Play please?'


18-04-10 Svendborg-Denmark Dalmatian Show

28-03-10 Eurasia Show in Moscow



20-03-10 Leiden Int. Show

Gwynmor Y-litter with 5 champions

Weekend 13/14-03-10 Reggio Emilia and Modena/Italy

13-03-10 Offenburg/Germany Int. Show

07-03-10 Groningen Int. Show


Ch. Elaridge Celtic Warrior and Gwynmor Chiquitita

25-02-10 News from Serbia


Mediolanum Orthodox Celt and Ch. Gwynmor Yamka (right) and friends

Weekend 27/28-02-10 News from Italy

21-02-10 News from Denmark


21-02-10 New litter

Weekend 06/07-02-10 Brno(Czechia) Int. Show


Ch. Enrico Bazzi Raul and Ch. Gwynmor Young Glory


22-01-10 Manchester Championship Show (UK)


Ch. Elaridge Celtic Warrior, Ch. Cubalibre Top Spot and Dvojica Voulez Vous


17-01-10 We celebrated Selwyn's 11th birthday! 



Selwyn with his daughter Silke and granddaughter Flier



Ch. Gwynmor Young Glory in the Russian snow and new Belgian Champion Elaridge Celtic Warrior


19-12-09 Wijchen Int. Show

13-12-09 Brussels/Belgium Int. Show

12-12-09 News from Italy

22-11-09 News from Russia

22-11-09 Clubshow Belgian Dalmatian Club in Vilvoorde



BOS: Ultramarine de la Tour de la Bastide and BIS: Int. NL Ch. Elaridge Celtic Warrior, NL JCh, JW+W'08, ES'09


Gwynmor Chiquitita BIS-Baby+Puppy in Belgium and Ch. Audax Allegiance to Stedfast BIS in New Zealand


Good news from New Zealand

News from Russia



08-11-09 Bleiswijk Int. Show

08-11-09 Good news from Denmark

08-11-09 Caio's offspring in Czechia


28-10-09 News from Serbia  


Mediolanum Orthodox Celt BIS-Puppy and Ch. Gwynmor Never Say Never BIS-Veteran

28-10-09 News from Russia

26-10-09 Arrival of new litter

12-10-09 Happy birthday


Lynn and Niki (Ch. Gwynmor Young Glory) singing the Russian National anthem in Bratislava


10-10-09 Bratislava/Slowakia Clubshow


BIS Ch. Jilloc's Joyride + BOS Ch. Bell-A-Mir's Elegant Envoy and Ch. Elaridge Celtic Warrior 1st in openclass


09-10-09 Bratislava/Slowakia World dogshow


Judge Oleg Fintora and his daughter Linda with their Foxterriers. World champion 2009 Ch. Bell-A-Mir's Elegant Envoy and Helle Höie



World Ch. 2009 Uzhe Zvezda Iz Terletskoy Dubravy and (right) World Junior Ch. 2009 Cinnamon Swirl von Ascabah


04-10-09 Zwolle Int. Show


Ch. Gwynmor Young Emily Brown and Gwynmor Black Magic 


04-10-09 Charleroi/Belgium Int. Show

03-10-09 Madrid/Spain Int. Show

26-09-09 Maastricht Int. Show


Perfect Kiss of Duke's Proud BOS and Elaridge Celtic Warrior BOB, Ch. Gwynmor Power Point in the USA


News from Kathy McCoubrey from the USA

05-09-09 Luxembourg Int. Show

29-08-09 Rotterdam Int. Show



Gwynmor Chiquitita and Ch. Gwynmor Young Emily Brown

Upcoming litter


From our C-litter 2009 Gwynmor Chiquitita (black bitch) will stay at Gwynmor 


09-08-09 Büren/Germany Nat. Show


Gwynmor A Shadow In The Mirror and Ch. Gwynmor Young Glory


02-08-09 Good news from Russia

01 and 02-08-09 Bremen/Germany Int. + Nat. Show

25-07-09 Luik/Belgium Int. Show


Upcoming litter

04-07-09 Echt Int. Show



13-06-09 Int. Show in Oss

14-06-09 Good news from Denmark



Ch. Spotnik's Diva Deluxe, Ch. Oriana's Traceable Target and Jilloc's Right Here Right Now  

07-06-09 Championshipclubshow Dutch Dalmatian Club in Kerkwijk



BIS Ch. Lady Ranonkel of the Three Turnip's, BOS Ch. Spotnik's Arctic Adam and Dog RCAC NL JCh. Elaridge Celtic Warrior


Multi Ch. Gwynmor Young Glory in Minsk and Vologda

07-06-09 Good news from Russia

04-06-9 News from France



31-05-09 Clubshow (CDF) in Wittstedt/Germany

31-05-09 Arnhem Nat. Show

27-05-09 Arrival of new litter

17-05-09 Good news from Italy

10-05-09 Alkmaar Nat. Show

03-05-09 Europasieger show In Dortmund/Germany



ES'09 Elaridge Celtic Warrior and Christi Ormond Coppola, ES'09 First Forest Forever Friends and Ch. Aydien vom Bierstadter Hof

Judges: Jean Pierre Achtergael from Belgium for dogs and Wilfried Peper from Germany for bitches

03-05-09 Good news from Selwyn's offspring in Denmark

30-04-09 Arrival of new litter

26-04-09 Goes Int. Show

13-04-09 Leeuwarden Int. Show


Gwynmor C-litter at 3 weeks

Arrival of new litters:

04-04-09 New Int. Champion


Int. Bulg.Mac.Balkan Ch. Gwynmor Unchained Melody and Int. It. Mon.Hung.Ch. Gwynmor Yamka


03-04-09 News from Italy

28-03-09 Int. Show Berlin/Germany

Upcoming litter

24-03-09 News from Russia



21-03-09 Wieze/Belgium Nat. Show

10-03-09 Good and sad news: 


Ch. Gwynmor Lots of Love and her great grandchildren

07-03-09 Madrid National Show



Upcoming litter:

21-02-09 Arrival of new litter

07-02-09 Int. Show Eindhoven

Good news from Russia

     Niki and Tatyana

Upcoming litters:

25-01-09 Arrival of new litter

24-01-09 New Champion


Ch. Gwynmor Whispering Willow and Gwynmor A Shadow In A Mirror


24-01-09 Int. Show Mouscron (Belgium)

17-01-09 Happy birthday Selwyn!

06-01-09 Gwynmor C- litter



06-01-09 News from New Zealand

01-01-2009 HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our Dalmatian friends world wide!


22-12-08 Wijchen Int. Show

19-12-08 Puppies expected:

30-11-08 Winner Show in Amsterdam



Elaridge Celtic Warrior JW+W'08 and Lacrima Christi Clear Magic on her way to BIS-Puppy 3



Ch. Gwynmor Ysgawen W'07+'08 + BOB + BIG 2

30-11-08 News from Russia

25-11-08 Puppies expected

16-11-08 Eurodogshow Courtrai-Belgium



09.11.08  Int. Show Tartu/Estonia



BOB + BIG Ch. Gwynmor Young Glory and BOS Ch. Timanka's Miracle of Love

10-11-08 Some lovely pictures of Ronia Strickrodt and Ch. Gwynmor Unchained Melody in Germany




01-11-08 Int. Show in Bleiswijk

26-10-08 Belgian Clubshow in Vilvoorde with an entry of 95 Dalmatians



Ch. Gwynmor Yamka + Ch. Jilloc's Reflection In A Mirror + Ch. Crazy For You of Duke's Proud

25-10-08 Int Show Utrecht



Elaridge Celtic Warrior + Jilloc's Splendid Choice + Lacrima Christi Clear Magic

19-10-08 Bundessieger Show Dortmund/Germany

03-10-08 Good news from Hungary 

28-09-08 Int. Show Maastricht


Ch. Gwynmor Young Emily Brown and Ch. Gwynmor Young Glory


15-09-08 Good news from Russia

14-09-08 Zwolle Int. Show


Ch. Gwynmor Young Emily Brown and Lacrima Christi Clear Magic


13-09-08 Leipzig Int. Show / Germany

14-09-08 Good news from Selwyn's offspring in Denmark

08-09-08 Luxembourg Int. Show

30-08-08 Rotterdam Int. Show


Flier in Rotterdam and at home with friends Caio and Issa

27-08-08 New Int. Champion

27-08-08 Good news from Norway

26-08-08 Update puppy photos week 2 (see their own page)



Issa feels very big now among her little half brothers and sisters

10-08-08 Puppies arrived! 



09-08-08 News from Russia

09-08-08 We are all waiting for Silke's puppies to arrive



'Lady in waiting' Silke and supporters Selwyn and Issa


01 t/m 06 Aug. 2008 Trip to the UK

03-08-08 Championship Show of the British Dalmatian Club



Best bitch + BIS: Boval Buduicca and Best dog + Res. BIS: Elaridge Celtic Warrior



Litterbrothers Elaridge 'Evolution' and 'Celtic Warrior' and Caio with his BDC trophies

06-08-08 Paignton Show / UK


GB Ch. Bell-A-Mir's Elegant Envoy and daughter German (VDH + Club) Ch. Gwynmor Young Emily Brown


03-08-08 New champion

30-07-08 Heatwave in Holland

      Little Issa


20-07-08 New photos of our little girl 'Issa'





(Ch. Spotnik's Dare Devil x Ch. Lacrima Christi Cutie Pie)


19-07-08 Ch.Clubshow NoEDC


Ch. Bell-A-Mir's Elegant Envoy and his son Ch. Gwynmor Young Glory in Russia


12-07-08 Good news from Russia

06-07-08 World Dog Show Stockhol/Sweden with an entry of 171 Dalmatians



Ch. Toots You Can Call Me Al (BOS) and Ch. Bell-A-Mir's Elegant Envoy (BOB + BIG 4)     

05-07-08 World Dalmatian Clubshow Swedish Dalmatian Club with an entry of 160 dogs.



Muzika S Nevskih Ostrovov (BIS) and Ch. Bell-A-Mir's Elegant Envoy (BOS)

28-06-08 Outdoor Uden Int. Show


23-06-08 Arrival of a new litter:

22-06-08 'Of Royal Spots' puppies in Germany

21-06-08 Brussels/Belgium Int. Show

21-06-08 Alpen/Germany Nat. Breedshow

07-06-08 Gwynmor B- litter expected in August

We are happy to announce a new arrival at Gwynmor:





She is from a litter of 3 dogs + 11 bitches, born 06-04-08, and bred by Zeljko and Anita Radic in Croatia.

Combination: Ch. Spotnik´s Dare Devil x Ch. Lacrima Christi Cutie Pie (see website www.lacrimachristi.net )

Via her mother she goes back to our first homebred Champion Cadoc v. Huis Dalmatho.


01-06-08 Sinzig/Germany


31-05-08 News from New Zealand

25-05-08 Nat. Gundog Show in Bennekom



Caio BIG 2 and Caio and Flier back home again

18-05-08 Good news from Russia



More news from Russia

18-05-08 Int. Show Wieze/Belgium

11-05-08 Int. Show Arnhem NL

04-05-08 NL Championship Clubshow in Kerkwijk


BIS Ch. Spotnik's Special Selection and BOS Jilloc's Seventh Heaven

04-05-08 Int. Show Hillerød/Denmark

03-05-08 Europasieger Show in Dortmund/Germany

27-04-08 Int. Show Agen/France

16-04-08 'Of Royal Spots' puppies in Germany

13-04-08 Int. Show Limoges/France

12-04-08 Int. Show Antwerp/Belgium




Weekend 12/13-04-08 News from New Zealand

05-04-08 Int. Show Monaco

05-04-08 Int. Show Goes NL

Weekend 5/6-04-08 Excellent showresults for Selwyn's offspring

Selwyn is now sire of 34 Champions

31-03-08 News from Russia

31-03-08 News from New Zealand

24-03-08 Int. Show Leeuwarden NL (Europe's biggest one day show)

23-03-08 Show Næstved / Denmark


Target        Tudor Rose

15-03-08 Int. Show Leiden NL     

10-03-08 Everwood puppies in France

New litter expected in Germany

01-03-08 Int. Show Groningen/NL

23/24-02-08 Int. Show 'Eurasia' Moscow     



24-02-08 NL Dog of the Year Show 2007

24-02-08 Int. Show Gent/Belgium



16-02-08 Dalmatian Special Bourges/France

08-02-08 Int. Show Eindhoven NL



Gwynmor A Shadow in the Mirror winning his first CAC at the age of 10 months

02-02-08 Nat. Show Cherepovets/Russia

26-01-08 Int. Show Mouscron/Belgium


Elaridge Celtic Warrior BIS-puppy, Gwynmor Ysgawen Best Bitch and Ch. Starlong Silver Shadow Best Dog + BOB

19-01-08 Int. Show Nürnberg/Germany


Selwyn and his great-grandson Caio

17-01-08 Happy Birthday for Selwyn

13-01-08 Int. Show Tromostovje/Slovenia

05-01-08 Int. Show Paris/Le Bourget/France